Returning to the Game

After a few years’ hiatus from this website, Stat Box Stories is back!

In the time since there was last a new posting here on the site, I’ve put in significant time and energy on sites like Under The Code and, where in both cases I was fortunate to work with a staff of talented and passionate people talking about sports video gaming and the other gaming genres that they loved.

Working the news lines for multiple years (while holding down real-world employment and making time outside of work) comes with consequences, however, especially with regard to it being entirely too easy to get burned out and look at something which was once a refreshing break–the act of writing about gaming–as a chore, as an empty box which needs to be ticked.

Even towards the end of Stat Box Stories‘ previous run of activity, the act of recapping games was something of a slog, especially with my own insistence to myself that every day of the week see some new piece of content coming down the pipeline.

The return of the site is meant to be a return to thoughtful, insightful writing about video gaming and elements of the industry and its communities.  If you’ve been anxiously waiting for something new, I hope you’ll join me in this return!

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