2012-2013 Bowl Blitz Invitational: Team Statistical Averages

For today’s statistical analysis entry on the 2012-2013 Bowl Blitz Invitational, the topic is team statistical averages over the 35 Bowl Games played this Bowl Season.  These numbers give us a first look at the way the games were turning out, as well as the trends that were happening with each playthrough of NCAA Football 13.  Read on to find out more about what the average game of the Bowl Blitz Invitational looked like this season!



The first set of statistics concerns team offense.  The average number of points scored was just about 27 per team; a bit high, but within reason for wide-open college football offenses.  The average team converted 15 First Downs, and gained an average of 363 yards of total offense between rushing and passing.

On average, teams had 28.27 rushing plays and 25.13 passing plays; a very solid balance between the two facets of the offensive game.  Offenses gained an average of 114 yards on the ground with just over one touchdown per game, while the average completion percentage was 62.32% for 248.51 yards and just over 1 ½ touchdowns through the air.  Despite more plays being rushes on average, the average team passing yards ended up being more than double the rushing average.


When it comes to turnovers, the team average was just about 2 turnovers per game.  Teams lost an average of half a fumble—meaning that lost fumbles were not very common at all over the course of the Bowl Games—while throwing about 1 ½ interceptions, which were the more common means of teams losing possession.


The conversion numbers are intriguing, if only because of how standard across the board they ended up being.  The average Third Down Conversion percentage was 43.44%, the average Fourth Down Conversion percentage was 42.15%, and the average 2-point Conversion percentage was 43.75%; these numbers are incredibly close given the nature of the games.

On average, teams faced just over 10 Third Down Conversion opportunities, converting just under 4 ½ of them. Fourth Down Conversion opportunities were much lesser, just over 1 per game with an average of just over half a successful conversion.  Very few 2-point Conversions were attempted, as suggested by the very small averages.

Teams averaged just over 3 attempts in the Red Zone per game, with a total Red Zone Scoring percentage of 78.44%.  The average number of Red Zone Touchdowns per game was just over 1 ½, while Red Zone Field Goals per game came under 1.  Red Zone Touchdowns were converted at 53.13% of attempts, while Field Goals were converted at 25.31% of attempts.

Special Teams and Total Yardage

On special teams, teams average just over 11 ½ yards on punt returns per game, while kickoff returns came in just over 78 yards per game.  Adding in the punt and kick return averages, the average Total Yards per team per game came out to 450.94 yards.  Teams punted an average of just over 2 ½ times per game, with an average punt distance of 39.78 yards.

Penalties and Possession

Finally, teams were flagged just over twice per game, for an average of nearly 20 yards in penalties.  Average time of possession clocked in at 13:36, with most of the games played using 7 minute quarter lengths for a total game time of 28 minutes (though games were also played with quarter lengths both longer and shorter).

This concludes today’s look at the averages of the base Team Statistics from the 2012-2013 Bowl Blitz Invitational; tomorrow, we will take a look at the total number of points scored in the 35 Bowl Games and just how those points were scored on offense, defense, and special teams.  You won’t want to miss it!


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