Diamond Descent #4: Survive “Dreadnought” on Mount Slaughter

This past weekend brought the start of April and–along with it–April Fool’s Day, but fans of SSX were rewarded with a treat as the first software title update was released for the game.  Along with a number of fixes regarding overall game stability and addressing gameplay, players are now able to level up each character in the game to Level 11 and buy even better gear for use on the various runs across the virtual globe!  For a full list of the updates, be sure to check out the release blog here: http://www.ea.com/ssx/blog/ssx-march-updates

Even better, today brought news that content previously exclusive to pre-order customers–including Eddie Wachowski and some “Ultimate” level snowboards for on-disc characters–would be made available on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for the refreshing price of FREE!  More information on that here: http://www.ea.com/ssx/blog/travis-eddie-now-free-to-all-ssx-players

With that exciting news in mind, it’s time for another Diamond Descent here at STAT BOX STORIES.  This week, we’ll be hitting “Dreadnought” on Mount Slaughter in Antartica for a “Survive It!” run.


In Antarctica, temperatures vary drastically between the sunlight and the shade.  Sunlight–and using the proper Solar gear!–is your friend as you try to reach the Diamond bracket on this Diamond Descent!

Since this “Global Event” got set up a little later than usual here at STAT BOX STORIES, we’ll only be running this event for 3 Days instead of the usual 1 Week.  Be sure to hit the drop early and often as you try to set the best distance of Survival!

Can you top my first score on this “Global Event and take home a Diamond bracket score on this Diamond Descent here at STAT BOX STORIES?  The only way to know for sure is to friend me–Paakaa10 on the PlayStation Network and join us on Mount Slaughter in Antarctica as we try to survive the Cold on “Dreadnought”!


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