Diamond Descent #3: Trick “The Big Show” on Boris

Last week’s Diamond Descent here at STAT BOX STORIES saw players taking flight with Wingsuits on the Patagonian peak Fitz Roy trying to set the fastest time on the “Broken Elbow” run; this week, we move away from the “Deadly Descents” of the game and get a little bit TRICKY!

For Diamond Descent #3, we move on to Siberia and the mountain named Boris for a “Trick It” run on”The Big Show”!

As you can tell by the Ice Axes on Kaori’s back above, Boris still offers a little bit of “survival” thinking; icy sections of the run require the use of those Ice Axes in order to keep on course.  That being said, however, those who wish to reach the Diamond bracket for this week’s STAT BOX STORIES Global Event will want to be focused on big tricks, lengthy combos, and avoiding the need to rewind!

If you haven’t friended me yet, be sure to do so–I’m Paakaa10 on the PlayStation Network–and join our “Global Event” here in Siberia to see if you can take home the top prize in this week’s Diamond Descent!

In the screenshot above, you can see the score from my first run on this week’s Diamond Descent; can you top it?  I look forward to seeing you all on the virtual slopes!


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