Diamond Descent #2: Race Fitz Roy’s “Broken Elbow”

The first Diamond Descent here at STAT BOX STORIES draws to a close later today, as racers struggle through “Intrepid” on Mount Robson in the Rockies, seeking to Survive It for the longest among the competitors and take home the SSX Credits given to those who achieve “Diamond” bracket standing!

For Diamond Descent #2, the action moves to Patagonia and that region’s “Deadly Descent,” Fitz Roy!

That’s right; where we’re going, we don’t need roads (or slopes)!  This week’s Diamond Descent is a Race event on the “Broken Elbow” drop, which is the same drop that Elise Riggs conquers using her Wingsuit in the “World Tour” mode.  Can you manage to both survive the pull of Gravity and be the fastest to do so?

Here are the settings for this “Global Event”:

If you haven’t friended me yet, be sure to do so–I’m Paakaa10 on the PlayStation Network–and join our “Global Event” here in South America to see if you can take home the top prize in this week’s Diamond Descent!

Be sure to come back later on tonight once the Diamond Descent #1 window closes to see who placed at the top of the leaderboard in that inaugural event as well!


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