Diamond Descent #1: Survive Mount Robson’s Intrepid

The first Diamond Descent here at STAT BOX STORIES is now live and features a “Survive It!” run down the “Intrepid” drop on Mount Robson in the Rockies!

Veterans of the “World Tour” mode in the single-player campign of SSX will recognize Intrepid as the first “Deadly Descent” encountered by the SSX team.  Even though few gamers would have had trouble navigating Zoe Payne through the dangerous “Trees” on the way to the bottom of the run, “Intrepid” sets the tone for the “Survive It!” experience in this reboot of SSX.

This “Global Event” will run for a week using the following settings:

I’ve already set a top score on the run using Japanese snowboarder Kaori Nishidake, but I know that the SSX fans here at STAT BOX STORIES can probably do better.  Friend Paakaa10 on the PlayStation Network to find this event, and put your best time on the board as we all try to reach the Diamond bracket on the first Diamond Descent of STAT BOX STORIES!

Check back soon for video of my first top run down Mount Robson!


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