Stat Box Stories Introduces Diamond Descents in SSX

In many ways, Stat Box Stories was born out of a love for statistics and seeing how close the video game simulation of a sport can come to replicating results in real life.  The titles featured here so far have all followed that scheme, including the use of NCAA Football 12 for the Bowl Blitz Invitational.

With the release of SSX on Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 this past week–the newest iteration in a series I’ve been playing since the first game came out shortly after the launch of the PlayStation 2–Stat Box Stories will be making an exception for this arcade style game experience.  After all, there are numbers to be tracked in terms of times in “Race It!” drops, scores in “Trick It” drops, and total distance in the brand-new “Survive It!” runs!

Today, Stat Box Stories introduces Diamond Descents!

Using Ridernet–the in-game system which allows SSX players to connect with one another and compete against ghosts of their best results across the 150+ drops in the game–and the connected “Global Events” which can be set up for people to compete in, Stat Box Stories will be hosting a unique event each week for players to compete in.  The goal?  To put up the best time/score/survival distance amongst the competition and secure the Diamond bracket status atop the leaderboard.

All you need to do is send a friend request to Paakaa10 on the PlayStation Network and come back to Stat Box Stories every week to learn which mountain range and drop the “Global Event” will be held at.  Fret not, Xbox 360 owners; we’re working on getting somebody to set up “Global Events” on that console as well so that everyone can participate each week.

The first drop for Diamond Descents will be revealed this Friday, March 9th, 2012!  Hit the slopes to get ready, and be sure to come back to the site then for more details.


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