Bowl Blitz Invitational — Passing Statistics Breakdown

In December of 2011 and January of 2012, fans of college football and EA SPORTS NCAA Football 12 helped cover all 35 Bowl Games here at STAT BOX STORIES for the BOWL BLITZ INVITATIONAL.  This week, we’re taking a look at some of the statistics that came out of those 35 games.  In today’s installment, we look at individual player Passing statistics.

Looking at Quarterback Ratings in the BOWL BLITZ INVITATIONAL, one unlikely player stood head-and-shoulders above the rest: QB #12 of UCLA, whose 362.0 Rating in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl was nearly 100 points higher than the next quarterback.  Even though he only completed 8 passes, 4 of those went for touchdowns!  Next on the list was Oklahoma State’s QB #3 and his 264.7 Rating in the Fiesta Bowl; Baylor’s QB #10 also had a solid performance for a 258.8 Rating in the Alamo Bowl against Washingotn.  The first of only two computer-controlled players in this Top 10 came in at #4: Pitt’s QB #12, who had a 223.3 Rating.

A computer-controlled player took the top spot for completions in a game by a quarterback, as Missouri’s QB #1 completed 26 throws in the Independence Bowl.  Indeed, computer-controlled players dominated this category, though human-controlled players held spots #2, #3, and #4: Louisiana Tech’s QB #3 (24 completions), Arkansas State’s QB #16 (24 completions), and SMU’s QB #2 (23 completions).

The Top 10 list of quarterbacks with the most passing yards was nearly an even split between human- and computer-controlled players, but SMU’s QB #2 led all passers with 466 yards through the air in the BBVA Compass Bowl.  The only other player to break the 400-yard plateau was BYU’s QB #9 in the Armed Forces Bowl.  Two human-controlled quarterbacks also topped the 350 yard mark; Arkansas State’s QB #16, who threw for 389 yards, and Baylor’s QB #10, who put up 368 yards.

SMU’s QB #2 again led all quarterbacks in terms of touchdown passes thrown, putting up 5 scoring throws in the BBVA Compass Bowl.  Three human-controlled quarterbacks–Baylor’s QB #10, UCLA’s QB #12, and Southern Miss’ QB #12–all threw for 4 TD passes, with computer-controlled Pitt QB #12 also accounting for four scoring throws in the offensive-minded BBVA Compass Bowl.

The final quarterback statistic looked at for this entry is highest completion percentage by a quarterback, and computer-controlled players held a pretty tight grip on this Top 10 list.  Air Force QB #7 led all players with a 76% completion rate in the Military Bowl; the first human-controlled quarterback to make the list came in at #2: Baylor QB #10, who had a 75% completion rate to go with 368 yards and four touchdowns.  In all, six quarterbacks in the BOWL BLITZ INVITATIONAL–three human-controlled, three-computer-controlled–completed at least 70% of their passes for their respective Bowl Games.

Today’s entry brings to a close the individual player statisics of the BOWL BLITZ INVITATIONAL here at STAT BOX STORIES; tomorrow we’ll delve into some of the team statistics to get an even better idea of the statistical trends which were at play over the course of these 35 Bowl Games using NCAA Football 12!


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