An Update: The Status of STAT BOX STORIES

With three weeks of “blog silence” here at STAT BOX STORIES, I am certain that more than a few of you still coming to the website and waiting for content are close to giving up on me and this project at this point.  I return to the site tonight to state that the blog idea has not come to an end here; it’s merely fallen prey to the grip that “real life” can place on things at times.

When I last posted to the site–the entry for the 2012 BCS National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU Tigers using NCAA Football 12 for the Bowl Blitz Invitational–I was actually on my way to Orlando, Florida to visit EA SPORTS Tiburon as an invitee to the first NCAA Football 13 Community Event.  For the week of January 9th through 13th, I spent my days listening to presentations on the feature set for the coming year’s game as well as getting some very early hands-on time with a build of the game which will eventually blossom into a retail game to be released in July of 2012.  It was also an opportunity to share feedback and ideas from the NCAA Football community face-to-face with the developers responsible for the game, allowing myself–and the other invited guests at the studio–to try to live up to the Game Changers program name.

In the weeks since then, getting back to work at my daily job required a significant investment of time after missing a full week; my wife and I also finalized the process of purchasing our first home, with the final closing documents signed on Friday, January 27th.  Over the next month, significant time will be spent moving all of our possessions from our apartment to the house, as well as making the necessary home improvements for us to safely and comfortably live in a 101-year-old home.

Unfortunately, time spent playing video games will be hard to come by in the weeks to come; the amount of time necessary to put together a full entry for STAT BOX STORIES will be even harder to come by.  With that being said, the site will not be simply shutting down or sitting idle; indeed, later this week I’ll be featuring an entry using Madden NFL 12 for Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and my New England Patriots.  After that entry goes live, the hope is for a new–and more streamlined–schedule to be introduced for the near future so that new features can be posted here on the site while still spending the time taking care of “real life” needs.  Perhaps a call for guest contributions will prove fruitful as well as the plan for more content is put into place.

For those of you who have been continuing to frequent the site, hoping for new content, thank you for the commitment.  As we go forward, I hope to get things back on a manageable schedule and return STAT BOX STORIES to the solid start we had up to a few weeks ago.


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