Week 4 Recap & Vote for Week 5′s FIFA 12 Game

As Black Friday deals beckon people to retail stores on this day after Thanksgiving, here at STAT BOX STORIES we’re taking a look back at this past week in the blog series.  This was the fourth week, bringing us up to 16 individual feature stories.  If you missed any of the entries this week, here are the links to help you catch up:

Monday, November 21st: Los Angeles Galaxy host Houston Dynamo in FIFA 12

Tuesday, November 22nd: Ohio State Buckeyes @ Michigan Wolverines in NCAA Football 12

Wednesday, November 23rd: Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions in Madden NFL 12

Thursday, November 24th: Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Rangers in NHL 12

Next week’s “fan vote” here at STAT BOX STORIES will determine the match-up to be featured next Thursday using FIFA 12.  For the sake of this vote, the choices will be national soccer teams who met in the past three FIFA World Cup Finals:

  • Spain hosts Netherlands (2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa)
  • Italy hosts France (2006 FIFA World Cup from Germany)
  • Brazil hosts Germany (2002 FIFA World Cup from South Korea & Japan)

To vote, either leave your preferred game choice in the comments here for this entry or head over to Facebook and “Like” STAT BOX STORIES here.  Voting will be open until 7:00PM ET on Saturday, November 26th, 2011.

And now–as always–a quick preview of the week ahead for Week 5 of STAT BOX STORIES:

Monday, November 28th

Oklahoma Sooners @ Oklahoma State Cowboys

Tuesday, November 29th

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wednesday, November 30th

 Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Capitals

Thursday, December 1st

Winner of the Fan Vote

This will be the final fan voting opportunity for a while as the seasons draw to a close in college football and professional football and the featured match-ups turn their focus to the biggest match-ups in the waning weeks of these sports.  Enjoy the end of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and be sure to come back on Monday for the Bedlam Game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State!


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